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This page contains information for members of MidFEx.

MidFEx is in the process of updating our By-Laws.  You will find copies of the old By-Laws and the proposed changes to the By-Laws.  The draft of the changes are provided in both pdf and rich text format (most word processors will be able to open this file), and the changes are highlighted in red.  Please take a moment to look over the changes and provide feedback to Dennis Wang:  We will be voting on the changes at the January meeting.

Copy of the old By-Laws in pdf format.
Copy of the By-Laws with proposed changes in pdf format.
Copy of the By-Laws with proposed changes in rich text format.

Click for club fruit inventory:
    Listed by each grower
    Listed by type of fruit/cultivar
    (takes a couple seconds to retrieve)

Use OrchardGuide to enter your fruit inventory. Your username and password for that site is the same as this site. If you are signed on here and click to link there, you will remain signed on.

  • Summer Picnic
    Event Description: The Summer Picnic is a time for MidFExers to come together, feast, talk fruit and go on a tour of the host’s orchard. It also serves as our 3rd Quarter business meeting.

    Our host this year is Deb Graham, MidFEx president and her husband, Richard. She’s a long-time gardener and in recent years added dwarf and espalier apples, pears and Asian pears to her one-acre lake front garden in Barrington. We look forward to seeing you there!

    The meal will be served at noon and the club will provide the main entree, beverage and dinnerware. The side dishes and desserts are pot luck, so it is time for you to show off your cooking and/or baking skills and bring something to share.

    Volunteers should arrive around 10 am to set up. Lunch will be served at noon. The business meeting will start at 1.

    Also on the agenda for the picnic:
    Silent Auction:  Bring your surplus gardening related items to the picnic for auction. Examples include fruit trees and non-fruiting plants, along with books and gardening related tools. Then bid on some truly unique items and take home some bargains for your garden.  Members often graft more trees than they have room for (for insurance) and donate their surplus successes to the auction. Many also take this opportunity to divide those overly crowded garden plants knowing their donations will go to good homes. Proceeds from the auction benefit the MidFEx treasury.

    Budding Demonstration:  Get an up-close look at summer budding techniques.  Ask questions and get answers from experienced members.

    Budwood Exchange: Share budwood of desirable or unusual varieties with other members to try your own hand with summer budding.  Look for budwood collection and storage instructions in the Grapevine.

    Date: July 16,2017
    Time: Setup - 10am, Lunch - Noon
    Location: 615 South Street, Barrington, IL 60010
    Contact:, 847-490-0065

    located on the south-east side of Barrington between Route 59 and Northwest Highway Rt 14. The street is narrow so please do not park on both sides of the street or directly across from any driveway – extra parking on Highland. The driveway is large and will be reserved for handicapped parking.
    From the North/West – take Route 59 to Hillside Ave on the South side of Barrington. Turn east on Hillside, take Hillside to Highland. Take a Right and go south on Highland. Highland ends at South Street. Go 1 house to the west - brown house with 615 on the green boat paddle!
    From the South/East - From Route 53 and Lake Cook Road, go east to the light at East Avenue. Turn left and continue across train tracks at Route 14 when East Avenue becomes Hillside. Take Hillside to the first left, Highland. Take a left on Highland and go south. Highland ends at South Street. Go 1 house to the west - brown house with 615 on the green boat paddle!

    Map to the Graham’s Home

    Event Details: This event is for members and guests of members.
  • Orchard Tour
    Event Description: Kevin has a 80x120 ft lot with total of 40 trees of which 32 are fruit.
    He also have some berries, a grape, passion fruit and many perennial flowers.
    Many trees are still young but he has tried to get “semi-dwarf/dwarf” grafted varieties.
    The plantings include: Apple- Cameo, Centennial Crab(x2), Esopus Spitzenburg ;Apricot- Sweetheart Cherry, Sour- Evans, Sweet- Stark Gold; Fig- Chicago Hardy, Kadota Medlar- Royal; Pawpaw- Potomac, Susquehanna, Wilson; Peach- Blushing Star Pear, Asian- Knox, Olympic Giant; Pear, European- Butirra Precoce Morettini, Colette, 4 in One, Multiple Grafted, Summer Blood Birne ; Persimmon, American- Garretson, Meader, Prok Plum, European- Bavay’s Gage, Damson/Mt.Royal??(x2), Mirabelle de Metz, Victoria Plum, Japanese- Emerald Beaut, Hollywood, Shiro; Butternut- Bountiful Chestnut, Chinese- Qing, Qing/Auburn Cross; Heartnut- Unknown; Maple- Norway Oak- Burr(x2), Swamp White Oak.  

    Date: Sunday July 30, 2017
    Time: 1pm
    Location: Kevin Kuchel,2100 George Street, Rolling Meadows, 60008
    Contact:, 847-398-6487

    Less than a mile south of Arlington Park and a block west of New Wilke Road on the corner of Dove and George.

    Map to Kevin’s Home

    Event Details: This event is for members and guests of members.
  • Orchard Tour
    Event Description: Jeff has a small 1/3 acre yard that exhibits his interest in fruit growing as well as a lifelong interest in gardening with ornamental plants and shrubs. His yard is equally divided between shade and sun gardening with grass paths that lead one through it. There are 30 espaliered apple trees (all self grafted, some 25+ years old), espaliered pears, grape arbor, blueberries, mulberries, raspberries, blackberries, and gooseberries

    Date: Sunday, August 6, 2017
    Time: 1pm - ?
    Location: Jeff and Bernie Postlewaite, 16335 Central Park Ave, Markham, IL 60428
    Contact:, 708-596-7139

    From I-57: Take 159th Street east exit. Turn south on Central Park (1st traffic light). Proceed to 16335.
    From I-294:Take 159th Street west exit. Turn south on Central Park (3rd traffic light). Proceed to 16335.

    Map to the Postlewaite’s Home

    Event Details: This event is for members and guests of members.
  • Summer Pruning Workshop
    Event Description: Gene Yale and Al Cosnow will lead discussion and demonstration of pruning techniques that keep dwarf apple trees both compact and productive.

    Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017 (Rain date Sept 3rd)
    Time: 1pm
    Location: Gene Yale’s Orchard, 9121 N. Keeler, Skokie, IL 60076

    Map to Gene’s Orchard

    Event Details: This event is for members and guests of members.  See your Grapevine newsletter or the Members Only page for additional details.

Your future issues of The Grapevine will arrive via Postal Delivery.
If you would like to instead get PDF/Word email delivery, then click here.
Your future issues of The Grapevine will arrive via email.
If you would like to instead get postal delivery, then click here.

Past Issues
  • Summer 2017
    Nitrogen Notes: Choosing the Best N Source  Nathan Johanning
    Verticillium Wilt  Robin Guy
    Pollarding a Peach Tree
    Illinois State Beekeepers Newsletter: Honey Lightening (recipe)
  • Spring 2017
    Winter Meeting Summary  Vanessa Smith
    Three Factors for Site Selection for Your Fruit Trees
    In Memoriam: Mary Carter Beary
    NAFEX 2017 Annual Conference and Call for Papers
  • Winter 2016
    Growing Hardy Kiwifruit  Robin Guy
    MidFEx Harvest Festival 2016  Michael Zost
    2017 Kurle Memorial Lecture, “What is Bugging Your Fruit Crops”  Richard Weinzierl
    Help!  Ants and Wasps are Attacking my Figs!  Bob Walter
    The Bees in Winter  Al Cosnow
  • Fall 2016
    Fall Garden Activities  Robin Guy
    “What’s Wrong with My Fruit Garden? – 100% Organic Solutions for Berries, Trees, Nuts, Vines and
    Tropicals” Book Review and Comments  Varudiyam (Shan) Shanmugham
    Summer Event Photos
    BirdX® Reflective Tape  Alena Gust
    Marinated and Stewed Squirrel  Al Cosnow
  • Summer 2016
    2016  Summer Picnic
    The Danish V Trellis  Mark Lee
    The Intoxicating Allure of Quince  Amy DeWall Dadmun
    Tim’s  Purple Plum Torte
  • Spring 2016
    Use of Rooting Powder in Grafting Fruit Trees  Alena Gust
    The Secrets of Succesful Backyard Orchards  Dr. Mosbah M. Kushad
    Winter meeting Summary  Bill Scheffler
    Why You May Be Using the Wrong Amount of Insecticide and
    Fungicide  Jeff Nielsen
    Monitoring for Winter Injury in Brambles  Bronwyn Aly
    Fruit Stamps 2016  Robin Guy
    New Fruit Forum:  Patrick Driscoll
  • Winter 2015
    New Fruit Forum: GrowingFruit  Patrick Driscoll
    Creating a Better Apple  Patrick Driscoll & Dave Orndorf
    MidFEx Harvest Festival, 2015  Michael Zost
    New Membership Dues Effective 1/1/2016
    Volunteers Needed
    2016 Kurle Memorial Lecture  Professor Mosbah M. Kushad
    MidFEx Super Bargain Corner
    Muriel’s Rhubarb Sorbet
    Edward John Boula Sr. - A Life Remembered (1922 – 2015)
    Order Rootstock NOW!!
  • Fall 2015
    Easy Fruit Leather Recipe  Dennis Wang
    Summer Picnic Meeting Minutes and Photos
    Muriel’s Rhubarb Sorbet  Patrick Driscoll
    Tour of MidFEx Member Jim Lipka’s Orchard  Patrick Driscoll
    Sign Up for the Electronic Grapevine
  • Summer 2015
    A field day at my orchard in the memory of Bob Kurle  Oriana Kruszewski
    Bud Grafting
    Orchard Labels - Finally a Way  Patrick Driscoll
    Orchard Tour  Bob and Annie Walter
  • Spring 2015
    Real Root Wedge Grafting  Patrick Driscoll
    Winter meeting Summary  Bill Scheffler
    How to Optimize Placement of Pheromone Traps in Your Orchard  Diane Brown
    Pear Virus Alert  Jim Ozzello
  • Winter 2014
    MidFEx Harvest Festival, 2014  Michael Zost
    Care of Mature Backyard Apple Trees
  • Fall 2014
    Mouse Damage Protection
    A Brief Passionate Experience  Kevin Kuchel
    Training and Trellising Grapes for Production in Washington
    Cedar-Apple (Juniper) Rust in my Apple Trees  Bob Walters
  • Summer 2014
    Important Member Notes
    Solar Food Dryer  V.P. “Shan” Shanmugham
    Spotted Wing Drosophila  Rick Weinzierl
    Practices Accessory To Pruning Spring and Summer Operations
    Blackberry Lassi  Anjum Anand
    Baked Stone Fruits  Laura Calder
  • Spring 2014
    Winter Meeting Summary  Bill Scheffler
    Growing Fruit in Minnesota  Jim Lipka
    Minnesota and Wisconsin Apple Growers conferences 2014  Chris Anderson
    Report from a MidFex Member in the City  JW Glass
    Summary of Financial Status 1/1/2013-12/31/2013
  • Winter 2013
    Frozen Apple Cider  Jeff Postlewaite
    What To Do with Frozen Apples  Robin Guy
    Basic Pie Filling for Freezing  Robin Guy
    Frozen Apple Salad  Robin Guy
    Microwave Caramel Apple Bake  Robin Guy
    Pork Chops and Apples  Jeff Postlewaite
    Apple Press Upgrades  Patrick Driscoll
    Books and Supplies for Sale
    MidFEx Harvest Festival  Michael Zost
    Harvest Fruit Festival Statement  Michael Zost
  • Fall 2013
    Clay Pots Revisited  Al Cosnow
    Scion Varieties from the 2013 Grafting Workshops  Robin Guy and Dennis Wang
    Fine Feathered Gardeners  Phil Sanford
    10 Minute Applesauce à la Alton Brown  Jeff Postlewaite
    He’s a hard-core gardener: Horticulturist grows 250 varieties of apple on just ONE tree  Yahoo News
    Discussion of SprayAdditives  From the Forum
  • Summer 2013
    More About My Native Fruits  Al Cosnow
    Growing Figs in Northeast Illinois  Bob Walter
    Does Summer Pruning Benefit Apple and Peach Trees?  Mosbah Kushad
  • Spring 2013
    Starting an Espalier Fruit Tree for Beginners and Advanced Grafting Techniques  Oriana Kruszewski
    My Four Native Fruits  Al Cosnow
    Winter meeting Summary  Bill Scheffler
    Traps for Monitoring Fruit Insects  Rick Weinzierl
    Texas Peach Cobbler  Tim Hamilton
    Great Peach Variety  Brad Platt
    Summary of Financial Status
  • Winter 2012
    American Heirloom Pears  Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste
    Pear Banana Berry Bake Recipe  Robin Guy
    Fresh Pear Pie Recipe  Robin Guy
    MidFEx 2012 Harvest Festival  Michael Zost
  • Fall 2012
    Know When to Harvest Honeycrisp Apples  Mosbah Kushad
    Apple Chips  Dennis Wang
    Painless and Efficient Apple Maturity Testing  Win Cowgill & Jon Clements
    Summer Event Snapshots
    Members Only Website Sign-In  Randy Suvada
  • Summer 2012
    MidFEx Enters the Electronic Age  Sherwin Dubren
    Bill Shoemaker to Retire
    Fresh Peach Crisp
    Easy Caramel Peach Pie
    Disinfecting Tools  Jeff Postlewaite
  • Spring 2012
    Book Review- “Teaming With Microbes”  Randy Suvada
    Some Types of Grafts Chart  Jim Lipka
    Late Winter Pruning & Training Your Apple Tree Charts
    Summary of Financial Status  Jeff Postlewaite
    Black Raspberry Jelly Recipe  Patricia Hahn
  • Winter 2011
    Winter Tips  Tom Bigbee
    If I Had To Do It All Over  Al Cosnow
    Lunch Box Carrot Slaw with Apples  Robin Guy
    Butternut Squash Pie  Sherwin Dubren
    On Calcium  Bill Scheffler
    Pictures of Cider Social
    MidFex 2011 Harvest Festival—Chicago Botanic Garden  Michael Zost
  • Fall 2011
    After Apple Picking Robert Frost
    French Apple Cake  Jeff Postlewaite
    Summary of “The Backyard Orchardist”  Dennis Wang
    Fruit Catalogs And Outlets Are Not To Be Trusted  Sherwin Dubren
    Pictures from Summer Picnic
    A Visual History of Spraying Machines
    Some Notes from the 3rd Annual Paw Paw Conference  Vanessa Smith
    Raspberry-Infused Duck  Chris Andersen
  • Summer 2011
    Remembering Nancy Rice  Oriana Kruszewski
    Frangipane Tart  Mark Bittman and Jonathan Davies
    Ginger Fruit Salad
    Adding Phosphorus to Sprays  Bill Scheffler
    Blackberry­ Picking  Seamus Heaney
  • Spring 2011
    Baked Brie with Peaches
    Rootstocks: Basics And What’s New On The Horizon  Sherwin Dubren
    Some Reasons Why a Graft Fails
    Baked Chicken with Apricots
    Pruning Lingo
  • Winter 2010
    Sweet Potato and Apple Soup
    Apple Pumpkin Cream Soup
    From Roadside to Wine Glass
    Serves ‘Em Right Squirrel Friccasse  Al Cosnow
    MidFex Harvest Festival 2010  Michael Zost
  • Fall 2010
    Pruning Pictures
    Apple Raisin Bread Pudding
    Report From 2010 NAFEX Meeting  Al Cosnow and Scott Krieg
    Reducing Apple Scab Risks and Saving Scab Sprays  UMass Extension Factsheet
    Peach Salsa
    Club Pictures
    Handling, Processing & Freezing of Pawpaw Fruit  Ohio Pawpaw Growers Association
    Pawpaw Processing Ideas  Jeff Postlewaite
    Zesty Peach Barbeque Sauce   Chris Holland
    Preserving Apples  U of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service
    Red Cinnamon Apple Rings
  • Summer 2010
    Summer Picnic Picture
    Pear Streusel Pie  Patti Hahn  Sherwin Dubren
    Grafting Workshop Recap  Dennis Wang
    Growing Fruit in Pots  Michael Zost
    Useful Websites  Michael Zost
    Budwood Collection Guidelines  Jeff Postlewaite
  • Spring 2010
    Dormant Pruning in Vineyards  Bill Shoemaker
    Minnesota Apple Growers Experience  Chris Andersen
    Summary of “The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation”  Craig Evancoe
    MidFEx Annual Business Meeting Minutes  Chuck Heisinger
    Pawpaw Notes  Ken Drabik
  • Winter 2009
    Stone Fruit Notes  Bob Purvis
    Apple Rootstock Fact Sheet
    Pawpaw - Mystery Fruit in Our Midst  Ken Drabik
    Apple Crisp
  • Fall 2009
    Harvest Festival Pictures
    Cheddar and Apple Melt Recipe
    SweeTango© Has Arrived!  Michael Zost
    Al Cosnow’s Famous Flaky Pie Crust
    Grilled Chicken and Apple Sandwiches
    Carmel Apple Pizza Recipe
    Escalloped Apples Recipe
    Crockpot Apple Recipe
    Apple Storage Hints - Sorting
    Apple Storage Hints – Storage
    Sign Up for the Forum Now  Sherwin Dubren
  • Summer 2009
    Winter Injury in Northern Illinois Grapes  Bill Shoemaker
    Upper Midwest Plants for Native Bees  Michael Zost
  • Spring 2009
    The Bad Guys  Al Cosnow
    Spray Guides Online  Jeff Postlewaite
    Great Reading on Honeybees  Chris Andersen
    Advanced Grafting Techniques  Oriana Kruszewski
    Berry Cobbler Recipe  Phil Hahn
    Summary of Financial Status  Jeff Postlewaite
    MidFEx Annual Business Meeting Minutes  Chuck Heisinger
    The Back Saver Grip  Fred Bairstow
  • Winter 2008
    Rootstock Research Findings  Sherwin Dubren
    Pam’s Deer Repellant
    Choice Of Rootstocks Is Important  Sherwin Dubren
    Letter from Longwood Avenue  Al Cosnow
    Cooking Column  Paul Thorn
    Protect Your Young Trees  Jeff Postlewaite
    Easy Baked Low-Fat Apple-Cinnamon French Toast
  • Fall 2008
    MidFEx Comes of Age - 1976-1997  Virginia Beatty
    Worm Compost  Ruth Melulis
    Insect and Mite Pests of Apples and Pears  Midwest Tree Fruit Pest Management Handbook
  • Summer 2008
    Home Orchard Weed Control  Paul Vossen
  • Spring 2008
    Notes from Oriana’s Orchard  
    Starting Grapes in a Homemade Greenhouse  Robert Kurle
    Fruit Pastries  Paul Thorn
    Growing Peaches in Zone 5 (Northern Illinois)  Dennis Norton
    2008 Spray Guides and other information
Midwest Fruit Explorers, P.O. Box 93, Markham, IL 60428-0093
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